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GE published Ham News from 1946 until 1963.  The first year there were only four issues.  Subsequent years had six issues each (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec).  In 1963 there was only one issue that I know of , labeled "Spring".  GE also made available a limited number of bound volumes covering the years 1946-1950, 1951-1955, 1956-1960, and a spiral bound collection of articles on SSB.  There was also a spiral bound supplement to the first two volumes with additions and corrections.  This supplement was included at the end of the third volume.   As far as I know, the 1961-1963 issues were never bound.

GE Ham News Index Lists all the issues and bound volumes (that I am aware of)

GE Ham News LWM-3 Mobile Transceiver  I would like to find out more about this rig and it's history.

ps.  I am also collecting RCA Ham Tips.  Does anyone have a complete list of issues that were published

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