GE LWM-3 Mobile SSB Transceiver
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The GE LWM-3 is build from an article in GE Ham News titled "The LWM-3—Mobile SSB Transceiver".  The issues are Nov/Dec 1961 (16-6) and Jan/Feb 1962 (17-1).  It looks kind of like a KWM-1 clone and uses a 12BY7 for a final.  There was an earlier article in Nov/Dec 1960 (15-6) for a companion mobile amplifier.  The radio uses a Collins mechanical filter.

I have located copies of the GE Ham News and will post them here if I can secure permission from GE

If you built a LWM-3, or anything else from Ham News that you are proud of, send me a photo of you and your project and a description or your memories of the project.  I'll add them to the website.

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Front Nice engraving!
Top What a layout job!
VFO This is the tuning capacitor from a military command receiver.
Side It has a two part, clam shell case with decorative strips to clamp the two halves together, much like the Heath SB-104.  All of the cabinetry was fabricated by the original builder.
Rear More nice engraving and metalwork.

Thanks to Gary Harmon, for the article title and issue numbers.
    part I is in Nov-Dec 1961 (V16-6)
    part II is in Jan-Feb 1962 (V17-1).
Thanks to Kees Talen for the info on the companion mobile amp that appeared in the Nov-Dec 1960 issue

I'll post more information as I research the radio and especially after I put together a power supply and check it out

Questions or Information