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Collins 30S1 motor mount replacements 5 for $15.00
R. L. Drake reproduction MS-4 logo plate $10 each
3 for $24.00
R. L. Drake 7 Line Handle $12.00 each
R. L. Drake 7 Line Fan Grill $4.00 each
2 for $5.00
E. F. Johnson Crystal Covers with Knob $16.00 each
Decal for E. F. Johnson 250 Watt Matchbox $5.00 each
Short screws for  E. F. Johnson Valiant, Ranger, and 500 cabinets 24 for $12
quantity discounts available
Boatanchor cooling fan $12.00
for One
for Two
Indicating Fuse Holders $5.00 each
Three for $9.00

Coax Jumper Cables
Why go to all the trouble to make them yourself at these prices
Lifetime Guarantee

  PL-259 to PL-259     Connectors are silver center pin and Teflon insulator
In either 2 foot and 3 foot lengths with either RG-8 or RG-8X
$5.00 each
  SMA to PL-259 for newer HT's.  4 foot lengths
Made with silver plated double shielded, silver plated center conductor coax
 $6.00 each
+ shipping
  Other connectors and lengths made to order.  eMail for availability and prices  

All items include domestic shipping unless otherwise noted
Payment by check, money order or PayPal address k7osk@boatanchor.com

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